Prez Sez September 2017

Hi Everyone,

The latest news on the repeater situation is that Pet and Mark K. went up the mountain yesterday and installed our new Samlex power supply. This should put the problems we have been having to rest. The new supply is a rack mounted four times redundant supply. It has 4 20A sections and if one or more go bad the others will still function to keep things going.Thank you to Pet, Mark K., and David for taking care of this.  

Speaking of the repeater, our net participation has been really growing lately with the Sunday nets frequently approaching an hour in length. If you haven’t been checking in, give a listen and participate. The net is on every Sun night at 8PM on both repeaters (they are linked).

I hope everyone enjoyed the picnic’s new food arrangement. Thank you to David for bringing the hidden fox transmitter. It is always fun to watch people attempt it for the first time. One change I have been thinking about for next year is to have some activities that the ladies can join in and get involved. The first thought I had was to have some classic summer picnic games. Now I know some of us with bad backs and knees would have second thoughts about this but what about a water balloon toss or ? Please think about this and give me your thoughts at the meeting. 

This month’s meeting will feature a team presentation by George E.(KJ6LA), Mark K. (KE6ZRP), Pet (N6PET), and Arnold M. (N6ASM) on DMR. Pet told me that they might have a guest speaker too who is knowledgeable on DMR. This sounds like a special meeting not to miss. 

September is also dues month so please bring your checkbooks so we can get everyone taken care of soonest. This year the dues have gone to help support Field Day, the picnic, and repeater expenses. Dues are $35 for and individual and $40 for a family.

One last announcement. Hamcon 2017 will be held in Torrance, CA from Sept 15 to 17th with all the usual flea markets, presentations, and manufacturer booths. 

Author: Mike Lichtman KF6KXG (President)

I earned my Technician license in 1997 and joined CVRC soon after. After retiring from a career in education, I earned my General and Amateur Extra licenses. I enjoy ragchewing, working DX, restoring boatanchors, and working QRP.

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