Prez Sez October 2017

Hi Everyone,
Wow, what a great meeting we had last month. The presentation on DMR was truly interesting, entertaining, and thorough. With propagation on HF at a solar low point, I definitely am going to purchase a DMR radio and learn about this new mode. I will be on vacation and miss the October meeting but by the time I return, I expect the new DMR repeater will be up and running. Thank you to Arnold for loaning us the DMR repeater to try out.

Mark Gershen, our VP, will be leading the October meeting. The topic is “Go Kits” and he is asking everyone who has one to bring it. For those new to the hobby, a go kit is a container or case that has a complete, portable ham station to use in emergencies. With the recent hurricanes in the southeastern part of our country, I am sure you will hear more about the part they played in providing communication.

Several meetings ago, we talked about the Bitx40 kit HF radios. I just was made aware of a great website that provides predrilled enclosures for the Bitx40 and other kit receivers.

The hardest part about enclosing a kit is cutting out the rectangle for the LCD screen. These are precut and look great at a reasonable price.

Our November meeting will feature Eric from HRO showing us the latest equipment. This has become a tradition that we all look forward to.

73 Mike KF6KXG


Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

CEO/President of CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.,Pet Natividad was born in the Philippines and had started working with numerous computer and technology companies in the United States like CompUSA, INCA Computers, and Micro2000 Inc. Before coming to California, he had worked with Uniden Phil. (EAI) as a Chief Engineer for manufacturing, Texas Instruments as Test Engineer, IMI as a Front-Line Sustaining Technician which had sub-contracted manufacturing for semiconductor companies like Intel, Digital, Telefunken, Sony, Nintendo, Sanyo, and other more multinational electronic and semiconductor companies. Pet Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College in 1988 and Loyola HS and elementary.

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