Prez Sez – April 2017

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful Spring we are having after all the rains. There is literally a superbloom of flowers and trees this year. As you know I volunteer a few days every week at Descanso Gardens and it is spectacular with almost everything in bloom right now.

Okay, now the radio stuff…………….

I am looking forward to this meeting where the topic will be working amateur satellites and building an antenna to work them. Also at this meeting Pet will discuss his delta loop antenna and we will see the sample for our business cards that Allie has designed.

As a ham radio operator a person goes thru several stages.

The first stage is the learning and shack building stage. During this stage hams upgrade their licenses and convince their wives (or husbands) that they absolutely need stuff. They are also trying to figure out where to hang an antenna. Eventually they reach the mellow stage. At this stage they enjoy all the joys of ham radio working dx, contests, ragchewing, and experimenting with different antennas. The last stage is where some of us are at or soon will be as we get older. (Yes, I know 60 is the new 40, but we are getting older) We look around our shacks and garages and wonder if we actually use and need all the stuff we have collected and gathered. Then maybe we move to a new house and you have to get rid of some stuff.

Recently I have been helping Ray and his wife, Barb, sell off some of Ray’s vast amount of ham stuff. I have a box full of 2m, 220, and scanners HT’s that I need to sell. I checked out some of the stuff and it works. It is in really great shape but it is older. Keeping that in mind, the prices will be around $10 – $20. So if you would like a new toy to play with, bring a little bit of the green stuff.

Those of you who are active on HF probably noticed that for the last two weeks or so propagation has been nonexistent at times. This has been due to a large coronal hole on the surface of the sun that has generated seven M class solar flares. This hole has now rotated around the back side of the sun so things should be getting better.

See you at Thursday’s meeting,

73 Mike KF6KXG

Author: Mike Lichtman KF6KXG (President)

I earned my Technician license in 1997 and joined CVRC soon after. After retiring from a career in education, I earned my General and Amateur Extra licenses. I enjoy ragchewing, working DX, restoring boatanchors, and working QRP.

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