Prez Sez – April 2016

I hope you have been enjoying our beautiful spring with everything in the gardens in bloom. We even had a spring thunderstorm recently. When I look at the television news and see the severe weather they have been having east of the Rockies, I am glad I live here and only have to disconnect my antennas a few times a year. Our meeting this month will feature the topics of power supplies and trouble shooting HF stations. Speaking of power supplies, when talking to Ray AD6RJ earlier this evening, he mentioned he is taking another step in cleaning out his shack and is planning on having several switching supplies and paddles/ keyers at the meeting to sell at such a deal prices. Ray generously said that the money from the sale will go to the club. Thank you ahead of time Ray.

We will also begin our bring list for field day. We need to see who is able to bring the various popups, radios, coax, antennas, etc. that we need. Last week I helped a friend out in Newbury Park put up an antenna by firing a line over a ninety foot palm tree with an air powered “bazooka”. We did it in one shot. So I hope Tom K6THH has his air bazooka ready to put up field day antennas this For those of you interested in antenna building, check out the Ham Nation #241 YouTube show that features a 2 meter antenna based on the mobilus strip that has about a 19db gain! The show tells you the website with building instructions. It is made from 1⁄4” aluminum tubing and pvc.

You will also need some of the directional coax that they talk about and tell you where to obtain.

73 Mike KF6KXG



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Author: Mike Lichtman KF6KXG (President)

I earned my Technician license in 1997 and joined CVRC soon after. After retiring from a career in education, I earned my General and Amateur Extra licenses. I enjoy ragchewing, working DX, restoring boatanchors, and working QRP.

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