Pres Sez – January 2017

I hope everybody had a nice holiday. As we start the new year I am going to do something new. Instead of the tradition of letting you know what the main topic of the meeting is ahead of time, I am keeping it a secret. Your clue is that it has something to do with an article in the January 2017 QST. I have been following this topic for a year now and I think everyone will be inspired by it.

At the club’s holiday party I forgot to have a moment to let people know that one of our fellow members, Jerry Peterson KE6SSE, became a silent key. Those who knew him or met him at our club breakfasts have fond memories of our time with him. Rest in peace Jerry.

At the holiday party this year we tried a new caterer that delivered. Special thanks to Mark Gershen who spent a lot of time arranging for the meal. At the upcoming meeting we will take a moment to evaluate how we liked it and if anything should be changed for next year. One suggestion that I got from a member who had a successful bid on a radio was that we need to have the person who donates an item tell if it is working or not. It will not only help the bidding but give realistic expectations once the item is taken home.

In case you haven’t heard yet, there will be a total eclipse of the sun in August. The “zone of totality” will pass north of us. We should be able to see a

partial eclipse from our latitude. If you read the article on MDSR in the Jan QST, (not the secret topic) you know that during the eclipse, you can follow it by monitoring the background noise level on the bands. Should be interesting.

If you like to work QRP, the latest excitement is an assembled circuit board (that includes peripheral components like a speaker, mic, vol control,etc) for a 40m transceiver that puts out 7 watts. Tom W5KUB has been featuring it on his Tuesday night webcasts (

It uses the BITX circuitry that has been around for a while and people have worked DX on it (recently in the last couple of weeks). The circuit board is produced by a ham in India who has been able to employ out of work women for his company. The real surprise is the price—–$59 US  including shipping. The newest version comes with a digital VFO and lcd screen All you need to do is mount it in a case and solder the PTT, speaker, mic, volume control, power leads, and ant BNC. Everything comes but the case. If interested check out   &

Well that’s all for now so I will see you at the upcoming meeting on January 12th.     
73 Mike KF6KXG



Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

CEO/President of CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.,Pet Natividad was born in the Philippines and had started working with numerous computer and technology companies in the United States like CompUSA, INCA Computers, and Micro2000 Inc. Before coming to California, he had worked with Uniden Phil. (EAI) as a Chief Engineer for manufacturing, Texas Instruments as Test Engineer, IMI as a Front-Line Sustaining Technician which had sub-contracted manufacturing for semiconductor companies like Intel, Digital, Telefunken, Sony, Nintendo, Sanyo, and other more multinational electronic and semiconductor companies. Pet Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College in 1988 and Loyola HS and elementary.

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