N6PET/W6HFB(SK) Antenna Project

A tribute to W6HFB starts of a long process of restoring 2 monoband yagis that was inherited from silent key Lester Lanz (W6HFB) with the help of CVRC club members Lisa N6LAL, Randy KB6WSD, Marky KE6ZRP, and Jim N0XXX.



This started from a trip to HRO in Burbank, hoping to improve my HF Butterfly Butternut 2-element yagi antenna by possibly acquiring a Cushcraft A3S. Mark N6MGM had gone through the upgrade I would be needing. I would need to purchase a 10 feet roof tower, Yaesu antenna rotor, and the 3-element triband Cushcraft A3S yagi. Cabling and all would cost me close to couple G’s if I was going to install it myself. The question now is, would it all be worth the upgrade? Will all the trouble and cost justify the gain ?

I was not sure and was not ready to risk it. I then asked Mark if there might be a estate sale that comes close to what I was looking for. N6MGM has always been a great resource and a good friend in helping me with this kind of things, and he does it again. There was a certain call he got that was trying to dispose of an old tower from a SK ham operator. He showed me a picture with his phone a text message he got of the yagis and tower. Perfect! That was my first reaction and called Bob and Marcia (family member of SK W6HFB) right away to coordinate getting the antenna.

After 2 weekends and a handful of very helpful friends, the tower is now at my procession. I realized that I bit off more than I can possibly chew with this project but I was committed. A lot of things revealed itself as we progressed through the project. From the ginormous size of the yagis, it being monobands, the age of the tower, and the condition of the antenna rotor. All these presented many challenges and doubts on how I should proceed. I am both excited and skeptical at this point . Only time and more planning is going to determine how this restoration project will develop.  Stay tuned as I update my blog here with my progress and my decision how to proceed from here.

I  would also want to take this opportunity to thank Bob and Marcia Lanz for their generosity and wonderful accommodation they have shown us. They have given me the drive and purpose to this project showing tribute to our fellow ham Lester Lanz. Again thanks to Lisa N6LAL, Randy KB6WSD, Mark KE6ZRP, and Jim N0XXX to their time helping me. Not only did it make this happen but their company made this a lot more fun. 




Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

CEO/President of CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.,Pet Natividad was born in the Philippines and had started working with numerous computer and technology companies in the United States like CompUSA, INCA Computers, and Micro2000 Inc. Before coming to California, he had worked with Uniden Phil. (EAI) as a Chief Engineer for manufacturing, Texas Instruments as Test Engineer, IMI as a Front-Line Sustaining Technician which had sub-contracted manufacturing for semiconductor companies like Intel, Digital, Telefunken, Sony, Nintendo, Sanyo, and other more multinational electronic and semiconductor companies. Pet Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College in 1988 and Loyola HS and elementary.

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