N6JLY Repeater Service

April 30 , 2017 Sunday – Dave KO6TD and Pet N6PET went up Mt.Thom early Sunday morning to service our N6JLY repeater. The club’s 70cm repeater has been down for almost a month and it was due for servicing. The problem was a bad power supply that was temporarily replaced by a 35A switching power supply. The club has also decided to upgrade our N6JLY receiver with a wide band and acquire back-up UPS in case of power failure. Once the power supply has been repaired, both Dave and Pet will be driving up the hills of Mt.Thom again to complete the repairs and hopefully install the upgrade as well. 





Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

CEO/President of CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.,Pet Natividad was born in the Philippines and had started working with numerous computer and technology companies in the United States like CompUSA, INCA Computers, and Micro2000 Inc. Before coming to California, he had worked with Uniden Phil. (EAI) as a Chief Engineer for manufacturing, Texas Instruments as Test Engineer, IMI as a Front-Line Sustaining Technician which had sub-contracted manufacturing for semiconductor companies like Intel, Digital, Telefunken, Sony, Nintendo, Sanyo, and other more multinational electronic and semiconductor companies. Pet Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College in 1988 and Loyola HS and elementary.

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