HRN 204: Dayton DX Forum Part 2 – Don Miller W9WNV

If you were a DXer in the 1960’s, you knew all about Don. Or you thought you did. I became a ham in 1965, but my attention was elsewhere, so learning about this now, decades later, has been fascinating. Don wasn’t the first DXpeditioner, but he expanded and refined the game. He helped demonstrate the need for clear rules and definitions, sometimes by breaking them. He spent time in prison (serious, disputed, but not ham related), and regained his ham license after his release in 2002. Google Don’s name and call sign, and spend a few hours digesting all the material about him out there.

In this episode from the Hamvention DX forum, Don talks about much of this (not the prison part). His story may not be over… -Gary KN4AQ


Author: CVRC

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