February 2018 General Meeting

General monthly meeting 2/9/2018

GEARS Update

No EmComm net last Wednesday, both on our repeater and simplex mostly due to very few stations checking into the weekly net at 12 noon on Wednesdays on our 2M repeater so spread the word! Speaking of emergencies, Pet posted a message from Yasmin Beers regarding stocking up on supplies for emergencies, as requested by Mark KF6YAN so check it out!


Repeater Up-Date

Planned and strategized on how to propose MESH plan and execute phase 1 to join our 70CM repeater to internet and eventually into the mesh network. Also speaking of repeaters, Allie AI6ME showed her DMR repeater using a 300mah battery charger, phone, and open spot to get her up and running in the realm of DMR worldwide. Very simple setup so doesn’t let technology intimidate & scare you from creating your own DMR setup!

Weekly Sunday net will now be conducted ONLY on our 2M WB6ZTY 146.025 Mhz repeater. N6JLY 445.680 Mhz 70cm repeater will NOT be linked anymore during the “What’s going on?” net.


Video Presentation

Pet N6PET, played 4 videos for us. 1 regarding the Micro Bitx All Band SSB/CW Radio from Hfsignals.com, 2nd was programming your station for digital. 3rd and 4th were videos of Pet packing up a set of  two HF yagi antennas and the tower he came across “free for the taking” whom belonged to a silent key, Lester Lanz W6HFB. Bonus video was of his current antenna setup on his roof.


Increase Membership

If any one knows of any of our members who haven’t showed up or payed membership to continue with us, get a hold of them and ask if they’re still interested in our club.


Treasurer Report

Tom K6THH said we have $5,000 and are ready to pay Arnold N6ASM for the DMR repeater for $1,700 once Arnold returns from an out of country trip.



If you have paid the fee for a new badge and have not received it please contact me Randy KB6WSD for update. Pet passed around an ID Badge for everyone to see so if interested in one, pay through PayPal and email your photo. Image size is not important as it will be re-fitted to size so long as its a head-shot.



Meeting ended at 9:40pm. Awesome seeing everyone. Hope to see everyone else again next month.




Members  Attendance  Roster

  1. Tom Hendricks K6THH
  2. Robert Jimenez K6YZF
  3. Jeremy Burnham WA6FEQ
  4. Jack Schwab W6IFR
  5. Mike lichtman KF6KXG
  6. Bob Cesarone WA9JIB
  7. Mark Gershen KF6YAN
  8. Lisa J. Kassner N6LAL
  9. Walt Bonazzz W6NTW
  10. Joe Autczak KM6ERG
  11. George Eckart KJ6LA
  12. Pet Natividad N6PET
  13. Jim Breitbach N0XXX
  14. Allie Peet AI6ME
  15. Randy Bonilla KB6WSD


I designed this case for the uBITX all Band Transceiver




Ham Basics 101: Operator Training for Emergency Communications

by Los Angeles Emergency Communications Team


Sat, February 24, 2018

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST


Huntington Memorial Hospital

100 West California Boulevard

West Tower Conference Rooms

Pasadena, CA 91105

View Map


Topics to be covered:

Radio basics: understanding simplex and repeater operation; consideration of location, antenna and power; active net participation and net control; using best practices for effective communications

Anatomy of a deployment: activation and check–in; follow up on assignments; seting up an effective station; passing traffic efficiently; consideration of served agency mission, needs and interaction

Mission–critical traffic: using essential ICS forms; sending ARESLAX forms for local EMS Agency support; introduction to NTS Radiograms



Author: CVRC

Crescenta Valley Radio Club is an organization over half a century old. Our members are amateur radio operators who share interests in radio and service to our community. Members help new members starting the hobby as well as helping other members with technical and operational problems of getting on the air. We keep ourselves up to date with the technological changes by inviting expert speakers to our meetings. CVRC closely supports GEARS (Glendale Emergency Auxiliary Radio). Many members are in both organizations and have provided communications for an emergency at Glendale Memorial Hospital, and with Cruise Night, the Montrose Christmas Parade, and various local themed running events. We meet once a month on the second Thursday of the month at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital at 7:00PM. Every Sunday we hold two nets. On our 445.680 repeater, we hold the No Chit Chat net at 7:50PM, and at 8:00PM, we switch to our 146.025 repeater for the Whats Going On Net. Both repeaters are located on top of Mount Thom and share use the city's antenna tower. Their power is backed up by both batteries and an emergency generator. We have several annual events. In June, we participate in the National Field Day by setting up several stations in Verdugo Park and operating completely "off the grid". Every August we have a barbecue in Crescenta Valley Park with a Fox Hunt activity where the members try to locate a hidden transmitter. When December comes around we come together for a traditional holiday dinner.

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