Prez Sez – August 2016

We had a good meeting in July and discussed a lot of club business. We also planned the picnic that will be held at Crescenta Valley Park on Sunday, August 14th . We will be at our normal location at the northeast corner of the park. This year will be a potluck like we do at Christmas. Mark K. will make the traditional zippy burgers but the members will help with the other (see below list).

Also remember to bring 2m HTs for a fox hunt. Remember that the picnic will take the place of our normal general August meeting. Our next meeting at the hospital will be in September.

Please feel free to fill out the form at the bottom if you would like to add your contribution to our summer picnic potluck.


Crescenta Valley Radio Club Summer Picnic Potluck



On another topic, I have been in contact with Steve Goldfarb who is in charge of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning for the entire USC university and associated hospitals. Since USC gives us our meeting room at no cost, there has been an unwritten understanding that we will help them in an emergency. There will probably be a practice checkin and the big Oct 15 th Shakeout drill when we will be asked to participate. I am also exploring the use of our repeaters to augment their existing comms on the DARN ARES net. More to come on this as discussion takes place. It is a great opportunity for us to actively give back to our community.
If you have been on HF lately you know that propagation has been poor. At times long distant stations come in clearly while stations located 100 to 200 miles away or so are not heard. One work around that we use on the 40 meter DNN net is the software receivers on the internet. I personally use the stations in San Francisco and Sedona. To find them Google “SDR receivers”. I hope this helps with your QSOs.
See you at the picnic and 73 (72 for QRP)



Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

CEO/President of CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.,Pet Natividad was born in the Philippines and had started working with numerous computer and technology companies in the United States like CompUSA, INCA Computers, and Micro2000 Inc. Before coming to California, he had worked with Uniden Phil. (EAI) as a Chief Engineer for manufacturing, Texas Instruments as Test Engineer, IMI as a Front-Line Sustaining Technician which had sub-contracted manufacturing for semiconductor companies like Intel, Digital, Telefunken, Sony, Nintendo, Sanyo, and other more multinational electronic and semiconductor companies. Pet Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College in 1988 and Loyola HS and elementary.

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