Field Day 2016 ( June 25-26)

From: Mike Lichtman KF6KFG
Date: June 9,2016

Coming up very quickly will be one of the club’s top annual events, Field Day 2016 on June 25 and 26. Amateurs all over the country will be on the air trying to reach us. We will be setting up in Verdugo Park under the shade of antennas in large sycamore tree and again have the solar power trailer. In order to make this happen we made a list at the May club meeting of who volunteers to bring the items we need to make the day a success. You will find the list below. It will probably be updated at the June meeting. Thank you to everyone who is on the list or plans to be.

Besides everyone being able to operate in the Extra Class portions of the bands, people will also gain practical experience with antennas and setting up a ham station. That is exactly how I learned. When we are done setting up, anyone who has at least a Technician license can take turns operating and logging. Those without licenses can learn some of the information they need to become a ham. When not operating enjoy “talking radio” or just plain socializing.

It is always a very pleasant summer day in the park, so join us.



(From left to right) Pet N. N6PET, Gene AE6GR, Mark K. KE6ZRP, Mike KF6KXG, Bob KB6JBC, Mark G. KF6YAN, Robert Fry, Larry AD6IZ, Tom K6THH, George WB9KXD, Joe D. AE6VX





Author: Pet Natividad (N6PET)

Webmaster / Honorary Member

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